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BATI Quotes

Every path hath a puddle.”

George Herbert, Welsh-British poet, orator and priest.


BATI Knowledge

Flying on pink slips (domestically)


Temporary Certificate of Registration (internationally)


Pink copy of the Aircraft Registration Application

The pink copy of the Aircraft Registration Application is carried on board the aircraft after ownership of an aircraft changes and acts as temporary authority to operate the aircraft, domestically, in lieu of registration, as long as evidence of ownership and aircraft registration application are in the hands of the FAA Registry or in the U.S. Mail addressed to the FAA Registry. The pink copy of the application may be used for operation of the aircraft within the U.S. If the aircraft is not registered within 90 days, a letter of extension may be furnished to the applicant, which must be carried in the aircraft attached to the pink copy (this form effectively extends the authority to operate without registration, usually for 120 days from the date it is issued). Pink slips are not valid for international operation of an aircraft.


Temporary Certificate of Registration (“fly wire”)

This is a temporary certificate of registration which the FAA issues after it has expedited processing the registration application and evidence of ownership (usually within 24 to 48 hours, rather than the usual three to four weeks of routine processing).

Fly wires are valid for international operations because they are evidence that the aircraft is registered in the United States.


Is a flight from the mainland United States to Hawaii considered an “international flight? – YES

The opinion of the Aeronautical Center Counsel’s office is that U.S. civil aircraft which commence operation from within the United States and proceed outside the United States (12 nautical miles from the coast of the United States; or over a foreign country’s airspace) must carry a certificate of aircraft registration (or the temporary certificate of registration – fly wire). Further, that direct flights from a state in the contiguous United Sates to Hawaii, or vice versa, must have aboard a certificate of aircraft registration (or a temporary certificate of aircraft registration (fly wire).


Before the FAA will issue a temporary certificate of registration it requires the owner of the aircraft to request expedited processing by showing the name of the departure city in the United States; the name of the destination city in the foreign country; the specific date of the flight; and a statement confirming that the signatory of the document is aware that monetary fines, or even imprisonment may result, if the document knowingly contains any materially false, fictitious or fraudulent statement or representation (18 U.S.C.1001(a)).


By the way, if the date of your flight passes before the FAA can process the documents and issue a temporary certificate of registration, the FAA simply throws the paperwork back in the routine processing bins, and one must “begin again” with the international flight paperwork. The FAA will not accept a declaration of international operations for a flight on the same day as the declaration is filed with FAA.



The Civil Aviation Registry employs about 240 people who interact in one way or another with over one million customers every year – on an annual basis the Registry

… issues an average of 160,000 aircraft registration certificates

… issues approximately 380,000 airmen certificates

… reserves over 26,000 special aircraft registration numbers (N- Numbers)

… updates over 225,000 addresses, and provides many other services.


The Registry maintains permanent records of over 320,000 active civil aircraft and provides electronic access to those records for review to users of the Public Documents Room located in the Registry Building at the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center in Oklahoma City.

Looking in the Public Documents Room from the Registry Building Lobby
The Cashier’s window in the Public Documents room where all documents are filed!

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