FAA Forms

Declaration of International Operations (View)

AC8050-1A – Aircraft Re-Registration Application (View)

AC8050-1B – Aircraft Registration Renewal Application (View)

AC8050-2 Aircraft Bill of Sale (View)

AC8050-4 – Certificate of Repossession (View)

AC8050-5 – Dealer’s Aircraft Registration Certificate Application (View)

AC8050-88 – Affidavit of Ownership Amateur Built Aircraft (View)

AC8050-98 – Aircraft Security Agreement (View)

AC8050-135 – International Registry Entry Data Form (View)

ADDCHG Change of Address Form (View)

AFS 750-HEIR-1 – Affidavit of Heir at Law (View)

Lease Termination (View)

Release and Disclaimer (View)

Release (View)

Request for Deregistration Non-Cape Town equipment (View)

Request for Deregistration on Cape Town equipment (View)

statement in support of LLC registration (View)

Warranty Bill Of Sale (View)