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BATI Knowledge

Document Check Lists – Aircraft Registration Applications

BATI’s document-filing services include reviewing the documents submitted to us for FAA filing for all the nuances and pitfalls that could keep documents from being recorded by the Registry! We advance all FAA fees and bill you for our services and the fees!

On all documents submitted to the FAA the following requirements should be carefully followed:

  1. N-Number, Make and Model and Serial Number should be double-checked against your aircraft title search and report for accuracy.
  2. All signatures must be ink signatures for all conveyances (including bills of sale and security instruments and any amendments, assignments or supplements to security instruments); also on releases, disclaimers and terminations. BATI highly suggests signing all FAA documents in BLUE ink so the Registry can see the signatures are original.
  3. Appropriate recording/registration fees must accompany each document.
  4. The title of the person signing the document must be consistent with the type of ownership.
  5. If you want the original of your document returned by the FAA, then submit the original and a certified copy. The FAA will retain the certified copy and return the original to you.

Application for Registration
In addition to the above overall requirements, there are a few rules to which we must adhere when completing a registration application or the FAA will reject registration:

  • The type of ownership must be checked
  • The person signing must print or type their name beneath their signature.
  • FAA allows no strikeovers or whiteouts on registration applications.

(If you make a mistake, draw one line through the erroneous word or
words and re-write the correct word – the FAA must be able to read
the lined-through information).

  • One must use the FAA two-part form – no facsimiles or copies are allowed.

Registering to a Limited Liability Company
In addition to all of the foregoing – the applicant must submit a statement to support registration in the name of a limited liability company containing the following information:

  • Name of limited liability company
  • State in which the limited liability company is organized
  • Effective Date of the limited liability company
  • Names of all members of the limited liability company
  • Statement of citizenship of all members of the limited liability company
  • Statement as to how the limited liability company is managed: member(s), manager(s), officer(s), Board of Governors, etc.
  • If the LLC is manager-managed, names of all managers, and citizenship status of all managers
  • A statement as to whether the members/managers may act independently
  • The document must be signed by the manager:

For member-managed LLCs: use the title “Member”
For manager-managed LLCs: use the title “Manager”
For all other types of management, use a title consistent with the type of management.

Registering to an Owner Trustee
Non-Citizen Trust: Provide the following documents to the Aeronautical Center Counsel’s office prior to registering. The Registry requires an opinion of ACC that the trust documents meet the registration requirements:

  • complete trust agreement
  • each document affecting a relationship under the trust
    (usually an operating agreement)
  • Owner Trustee’s affidavit of citizenship.

The registration application is in the name of the Owner Trustee and is signed by the Owner Trustee.

IR and FAA Update

The FAA has now completed the re-registration project. Now every three years, the FAA will require that updated address information be submitted, along with a $5 renewal of registration fee, by completing 8050-1B – Aircraft Registration Renewal Form.

It is important to pay attention to the expiration date of your certificate of registration so the operation of your aircraft won’t be negatively impacted. Once a certificate of registration expires there is no other way to reinstate registration other than to provide the FAA Registry in Oklahoma City a new registration application and $5 registration fee. The kicker here is that the pink copy is not valid for operating the aircraft after administrative deregistration of an aircraft due to the certificate of registration expiring; therefore, your aircraft will be grounded until you receive the permanent certificate of registration from the FAA. There are no provisions for expediting these registration certificates!

Please Note: if you submit your 8050-1B before the expiration date, the FAA will still process it and issue your new registration certificate – they just won’t expedite it. So if your certificate expires on March 31 and the FAA is about six weeks back-logged in processing documents, and you file your 8050-1B on March 15, it will be around the end of April before you can operate your aircraft after the certificate expires on March 31.

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