January 21, 2014 – Newsletter

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BATI Quotes:

Show me a person who doesn’t make mistakes and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t do anything.
-Leonard Rubino

BATI Knowledge

FAA’s signature requirements:

Individual: when an aircraft is owned by one person, they are the individual owner. Their title in connection with aircraft instruments is “owner”. The individual owner’s name must be shown in addition to a trade name if one is used. (Example: John Doe dba Doe Aircraft, signed by John Doe, owner).

Co-Owners: when an aircraft is owned by two or more persons as co-owners, each person who shares title to the aircraft must sign all instruments relating to the aircraft. The appropriate title would be “co-owner”. Each co-owner’s name must appear in addition to a trade name if one is used. If a corporation is a co-owner, the person(s) signing on behalf of the corporation must be identified by their corporate position.

Partnership: The names of all general partners must be stated with the partnership name on the application for registration. If there is only one general partner, so state. One partner may sign instruments for the partnership if the full partnership name is shown and the title “partner” follows their signature. The partnership name is either the name under which the partners do business, or, if none, the names of all general partners. An Aircraft owned by a partnership which has a corporation as a member (general or limited) is not eligible for registration. Such a partnership does not come within the definition of “citizens of the United States” (49 USC 1301(16).

More next week…..(Corporations, Agents, Guardians, and Government signature requirements).

IR and FAA Update

In a Newsletter from the International Registry’s Rob Cowan (The IR’s Registrar) received on January 14, he indicated that soon (the first quarter of 2014) the sixth edition of updates will be published – this includes around 500 text changes including many that support new features (e.g. the Closing Room – a new way to make registrations) and others that provide enhanced legal clarity. Rob mentions that all practitioners will want to spend time considering the changes as they certainly will affect how the IR is used to conduct our business.

Rob mentions the IR’s YouTube channel to which we should all subscribe as the IR is using that venue to post training videos.

And finally Rob announced that the Aircraft Protocol has been ratified by 53 states, most recently by Kuwait, which will become effective in February and that the UK Government, last month, committed to ratification while Australia is in the late stages of preparing to ratify.

BATI Pot Pourri

A Few of BATI’s Precepts:image003

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  2. We don’t make promises we can’t keep
  3. We listen to our customers
  4. We are helpful – even if there’s no immediate profit in it
  5. We are very well trained and have deep and meaningful experience in our industry.

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