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BATI Knowledge

What will the FAA accept in the way of documentary evidence of a bank’s name change?

National Banks, Federal Credit Unions, Federal Savings Banks

  1. Certified copy of the resolution by the Board of Directors changing the name.
  2. Certified copy of the amendment to the articles of association reflecting the name change.
  3. Copy of Banking Bulletin advertising the change of name (national banks).
  4. Certified copy of the name change filed in the local courthouse.
  5. An affidavit by an officer of the national bank, federal savings and loan association, federal savings bank, or federal credit union, certifying the change.
    1. Please note:  this affidavit must be by an officer of the successor bank and
      must show the effective date of the change (if more than one name change
      is involved, then this affidavit must show each effective date!)
  6. A copy of the notice to the Comptroller of the Currency of the effective date of the change (national banks).

State Banks
If a STATE BANK is involved, the original, certified copy, or photocopy of the certificate issued by the appropriate state banking authority is acceptable.


Aviareto has been reappointed as Registry for the International Registry

In June 2014 the Council of ICAO decided to reappoint Aviareto as the Registrar for the International Registry for a third term from 2016 to 2021.

The folks at Aviareto have announced that in June they reached a significant milestone half a million registrations since the IR went live in 2006 – in an average month they process around 7000 registrations.

A new contracting state:  Kingdom of Bhutan has acceded to the Convention and Protocol (effective on November 1, 2014).

There are a few new features to the IR website:

The IR will no longer ask for Registration Numbers – Nationality and Registration Marks field will be removed from the registration details screen on the International Registry Website.

Change from “Contract of Sale” to “Sale” – Throughout the IR website, the label “Contract of Sale” will be replaced with “Sale”, and the label “Prospective Contract of Sale” will be replaced with “Prospective Sale”.





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