March 25, 2014 – Newsletter

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Worrying is like a rocking chair.  It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.


BATI KnowledgeChannel Islands Aircraft Registry

The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry has opened for business – it is known as the 2-REG registry.  Aircraft registrations will bear the nationality mark “2” followed by four letters allowing for personalized registration marks.  2-Reg will be open to turbine-powered airplanes above 2700 kg and turbine-powered helicopters based anywhere in the world, and airplanes and helicopters based in Guernsey and Jersey.  2-Reg is a registry for aircraft and helicopters not used for commercial air transport.

BATI may have been one of the first to export a U.S. aircraft to the Channel Islands Aircraft Registry last week because the contact info wasn’t yet in the FAA records – we believe they just started operating this year, after their grand opening in Guernsey on December 13, 2013.

Contact Info for the new registry:

Phone:  +44-330-828-0875
Fax:  +44-203-004-2329
Address:  Guernsey Airport, Airport Terminal Building
La Villiaza, Forest
Guernsey, GY8 0DS

FAA and IR Update

The FAA is working about 4 weeks backlogged right now in both processing documents and in the support section (N-Number changes).

 Special Blog:

We had a client call last week saying that the man who owned the aircraft they were about to close on had died about six months ago, but they had a bill of sale signed by him, although it would be dated after his death, and wanted to know if that would be OK to use!

There are many things to consider when you file documents with FAA.  The most important, in our opinion, being that the documents themselves have to be enforceable under local law.  I am pretty sure that there are no circumstances in which a bill of sale filed six months after someone’s death would be enforceable, but I could be wrong.  All you lawyers out there reading this, educate me!

The FAA allows the personal representative of the estate to either register to himself/herself and/or sign the bill of sale (as long as a certified copy or a photocopy of a certified copy of their authority to act is provided to FAA).  If there is no estate being probated, some states have laws that allow the heir-at-law to sell the property and the FAA has a special Affidavit to be filled out in that event (see our website/forms).

In all cases where an estate is involved, it is wise to get the advice of a local attorney before sending documents to a title company or directly to the FAA!


The BATI Umbrella of Services – protects you from:

…buying an aircraft with liens and clouds on it (can you say…title search report?)

…assures you will be the registered owner – we never stop our diligence or monitoring until everything is just the way you want it….filing services, escrow services, re-registrations, N-number changes.

…You can relax and know that your interest in Cape Town equipment is firmly established by filing with FAA and registration with the International Registry.

Call BATI now: 405-942-1004 – Sharon Schroeder and Lisa Gaskin