November 4, 2013 – Newsletter

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Changing your address on a Registration Certificate at the FAA

There are three ways to change the address on a registration certificate.

1.  You can mail the Registry a new Aircraft Registration Application, AC Form
8050-1 showing that the application is being sent to change the registered
owner’s address.

2.  You can to go the Registry’s website and obtain an Aircraft owner
Change of Address Notification form and mail it to the Registry

3.  You can mail or fax a letter to the Registry containing

(a)  Identity of the aircraft by N-number, manufacturer name, model
designation and serial number

(b) New mailing address

(c) Signature of the registered owner.  Show the signer’s title and type
or print the name of the signer with the signature

If the new address is a Post Office Box you must also include your street address or physical location.  If necessary, provide directions or a map for locating your residence of place of business.

FAA’s fax numbers:  405-954-3548 and 405-954-8068

FAA’s Registry Mailing Address:

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750

Post Office Box 25504

Oklahoma City, OK  73125-0504

Commercial Delivery Service address for FAA Registry:

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750

Registry Building Room 118

6425 South Denning

Oklahoma City, OK  73169-6937



This week the FAA completed indexing and scanning over 10,000 documents received while the government was shut down – the Registry has worked overtime every day and on weekends to accomplish this Herculean task.  All the mail received by the Registry from October 1, 2013 (when the Registry closed) to October 17, 2013 (when the Registry re-opened) has been file stamped as being received October 17, 2013.  On the 28th the Registry began processing deregistrations.  The FAA is now working documents filed with the Registry on September 12, 2013, so we will see a bit of a backlog for the next several weeks.  Priorities should now resume normal processing time (imports, exports and international operations).

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