September 9,2013 – Bati Newsletter

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BATI Knowledge

Originals or photocopies?

The FAA requires that all conveyances bear original, ink signatures:  conveyances of ownership, security conveyances, lien releases, leases, lease terminations, and any amendments, supplements or subordinations of the interests created by those conveyances.

Original, ink signature must be on a deregistration request for Cape Town equipment.

Registration Applications must be signed in ink on the Form 8050-1 provided by the FAA, with the printed or typed name of the signatory just beneath the signature.

Affidavits must have original, ink signatures and should be notarized if the state law under which the affidavit is created requires an affidavit to be notarized.  (We recommend that all Affidavits be notarized).

The FAA will accept photocopies of the following documents:

(a) Declaration of International Operations

(b) Statement in Support of LLC Registration

(c) Deregistration request on NON-CAPETOWN EQUIPMENT

(d) Relinquishment of a reserved n-number

BATI FAA and IR Update

The International Registry announced on September 2, 2013, that it has upgraded their website to Generation II software and the system was brought live at 11:30 am Dublin time on September 2, 2013.  This release coincides with the fifth edition of the regulations and procedures, available on the IR website.

The IR also announced that the new software is fully compatible with the latest versions of Java and most popular browsers.

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