Our escrow services are tailored to a client’s specific needs:


Documents-only escrow service


… preliminary title report on equipment involved in the closing;

… review of documents and sending advance copies of documents to all parties;

… coordination by phone and e-mail of the actual closing;

… escrow of documents;

… index gap checks immediately before closing;

… participation in conference call closing (if required);

… dating and filing of documents with FAA

… confirmation of filing times and distribution of copies of dated documents

… post-recordation title reports


Please note: Documents-only escrow service for Cape Town Aircraft Objects includes all of the above plus appropriate Priority Search Certificates and International Registry registrations.


Funds and Documents escrow service


… all services provided in the Documents-only escrow service;

… receipt and disbursement of funds;

… funds are received only from the contracted purchaser or its lender;

… funds are disbursed only to the seller, to an existing lien holder in

exchange for a lien release; to a mechanic involved in the

pre-purchase inspection and repairs upon receipt of invoices; or to brokers who are identified prior to the closing;


Our escrow service is a stakeholder service: we require copies of contracts (and any amendments or supplements to the contracts) and we require additional specific instructions from all parties as to what conditions must be met to release documents and/or funds. We do not act as fact-finders, arbitrators or judges!