Special Registration Number Reservations and Assignments


… researching availability of n-numbers;

… requesting assignment of n-numbers to a specific aircraft (registered to the requester);

… reserving n-numbers when removed from the aircraft after a number change;

… coordination of paperwork to accomplish the end goal.


While the process of researching and requesting n-number reservations and assignments appears quite easy to do, the FAA complicates matters by several procedural requirements which make the process somewhat awkward and fairly daunting to the uninitiated, compounded by FAA’s backlog at any given time (which ranges from three weeks to eight weeks). A misstep in the paperwork can delay an n-number change for as long as two months!


The timing of taking a number off an existing aircraft, reserving it, and having it assigned to a new aircraft is critical if our customer needs to take delivery of the new aircraft with its old number! Herein lies the value of our n-number service: we organize, advise and follow-up the entire process from start to finish!


“In working registration numbers, over the years, I have noticed that once a party experiences firsthand how immovable and rule-bound the FAA is, they act much faster on all future N-number change transactions.” Lisa A. Gaskin, VP of BATI